Client Testimonials

“I came to David Ross 3 years ago when I had a melt down and found myself running from my own shadow; and thought I wouldn’t be able to graduate grad school 2 months from then. In an introductory session 1.5 years earlier, David had told me that he thought I was experiencing sustained trauma and that EMDR might help. But I hadn’t taken it seriously because I thought my life was still fairly good compared to many people. Prior to my meltdown, I had trivialized my pain because people (including me) could not understand it.

David helped me get in touch with my pain (at all the different levels), validate it, and process it. His weekly EMDR therapy saved my life. It’s amazing how he guided me through doing my own reprocessing and finding my own solutions; yet managed to make me believe it was all my own doing. His approach is empathetic, yet empowering and transformational.

Generally, we try to find therapists who look like us and perhaps share our experiences. I don’t know David’s life experience, but I know that though he is a white man a generation older than me and who didn’t share my religious worldview, he turned out to be the perfect fit for this black female millennial who was experiencing PTSD (including depression and anxiety) resulting from narcissistic abuse, amongst other things. He is one of the kindest people I know and was very patient with my shortcomings.

In my experience, David is adept at trauma healing, listening, inducing humor at the right time, and challenging one appropriately; all resulting in a sense of inner peace. After several months with David, and having reached a healing milestone, I felt like I experienced a rebirth. I had more life insight and viewed myself differently. Moreover, several of my dreams began to “fall from the sky” including being able to travel the world partially by myself, improved relationships with key loved ones, and getting my dream job. It is true what Rumi says, “The crack is where the light enters!” David helped me leverage those cracks to usher in the light!” –  Jennifer K.

“David Ross is a gifted therapist. His gentleness, compassion and insightfulness earned my confidence and trust. His use of the EMDR technique helped me make lasting breakthroughs through some very difficult life situations. I highly recommend him and remain full of gratitude.”
– RC

“I am grateful to have been able to work with David Ross for couples therapy. He was balanced and fair in his support of each of us, and has a great talent for helping us hear one another with compassion so that we could resolve our differences and grow together. This also helped me as an individual, to respect my own needs and learn how to ask for what I want in a way that is supportive and respectful of the other person.”
– E. F.

“David helped me release everything that was holding me back from experience joy and love and peace in my daily life.

Having tried several therapeutic techniques, I found EMDR to be the most focused way for healing trauma and emotional blockages. It has improved every relationship in my life especially the relationship with me.
– Jimmy J.

“David helped me during a time when I realized I was losing my beautiful, adult daughter to alcohol addiction. For two sessions he listened and asked thoughtful questions about us. I focused on the drinking, but did share all of the “positives” about her.

At the first of the 3rd session he said, “Your daughter is not a ‘drinker’.” I was stunned! Had he not been listening at all? Then he proceeded to repeat back to me all of the positive things that she was.” This skillful shift of focus lifted a huge weight from me, and changed my whole was of thinking about her. He was also helpful in directing me to certain literature and resources which have been helpful as I continue struggling with her addiction. I mentally thank David every day for pulling me back from an abyss of helplessness and hopelessness.”
– Carol W.

“For most of my life, I have experienced anxiety and depression. I was haunted by the fear that it was just a matter of time before I swallowed all of those sleeping pills in my medicine cabinet. Sadly most of the people in my life – even those closest to me – did not know that I was struggling with this deep dark experience of suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety. Outwardly I was a happy, fun-loving person who loved to support my friends and family. It gave me purpose to be strong for everyone in my life. Meanwhile I was desperately trying to cure myself of this dark despair by seeking help. Call it luck or divine intervention – at one point during my search for help – I was referred to David Ross. David was unlike other therapists I had known. He embodied a sense of calm, patience and love that was remarkable. My thoughts of suicide and deep dark despair didn’t frighten him. David is the kind of therapist who takes your hand and walks through the darkness with you until you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, no matter how long it takes. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but at one point, I realized I was experiencing a deep sense of inner peace and self-love. I ended up at a point where I learned how to love myself just as much as I loved others in my life. Thoughts of suicide were replaced with thoughts of love. And years later, I’m still experiencing this new found self-love. Every time I go through a tough time at work or I have a difficult experience with a family member, I’m calmer and more present. More importantly, I love myself no matter what and I know I am okay. And even on dark days, I can still feel the warmth of the sun.”
– Anna-M, San Diego, CA

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