Aging and Ageism:  Coming to Terms

As I approach my 65th birthday I find myself considering certain changes: relocating, leaving my current responsibilities, doing another piece of work, and perhaps retiring and simplifying my life.  Having a need for growth and adventure, I often consider where I am and what is next.  If I am not considering the next training or personal growth experience, I begin to feel something is amiss.  Three years prior to my 65th birthday I complete an intensive two-year shamanic* study program that includes extensive travel often under “survival” conditions traveling throughout the Southwest, Mexico and Peru.  My goal is to develop a deeper understanding and respect for nature, release negative patterns and fears and increasingly open my heart with compassion…Read More


Prostate Cancer: Crisis and Transformation

The Journey Begins 

Life-threatening illness takes us rapidly, and without warning, to a place of profound fear and deep soul searching.  And when illness is further complicated by a rapid series of disappointments, soul searching defers to the fear and fundamental struggle to survive.  Such a chain of events propelled me into my “dark night of the soul,” and was perhaps the bleakest period of my life,  Dark night of the soul, refers to an archetypal journey involving a psycho spiritual death and rebirth; and it was through this experience that I was moved to heal beyond the physical; to heal those aspects of my life that blocked deep emotional connection to others… Read More

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