Welcome to my website and thank you for taking time to see if there is a connection and interest in working with me. I will try to speak to you both personally and professionally so that you can get a sense of the person David as well as the therapist David Ross. After all, therapy is a very personal process and trust and confidence is essential. I invite you to see if there is something here that resonates and makes sense for you.

My Goal is to Provide Therapy that is Empathic, Non-Judgmental and Transformative

Have you been struggling with releasing and healing the pain of the past–-overcoming sadness, depression, anxiety or a sense of hopelessness?  Are you equally committed and intent on moving forward with your life, to resolve what is blocking you and create the life you want?

Courage and commitment are key to change. I have never seen it otherwise–ultimately change is your choice and that is as it should be. At best, I serve as a knowledgeable, skillful, empathic guide.

The world of psychotherapy–like the world in general–is dramatically shifting and changing.  EMDR is one prime example. A second is the recent movement from the new field of Positive Psychology–to give wellbeing and happiness therapeutic attention along with trauma, depression, anxiety and other disorders.  I am pleased that I can bring these creative and researched based practices of healing and thriving to you.

The Wounded Healer

Contrary to a common belief, it is not necessary that we have the same struggle or experience in order to help you with your particular issues. However it does matter that we too have experienced suffering and healing to appreciate and understand the inner process by which limitation is transformed into personal power. This then speaks to me of the wounded healer (Chiron) in which our greates gifts as a healer come though our deepest challenges–our wounds.  Rumi the 12th Century mystic and poet observed that the wound, the flaw, the crack is where the light enters.  It is through our wounds that we transform our lives and those around us.

Seeking Help is Strength Building

Suffering is part of life–it is what we do with that suffering that makes the difference. To seek help is strength building, acknowledging that no man (or woman) is an island.  Achieving relief from suffering together with a focus on wellbeing allows us to move in the direction of creating a powerful life; a life of our choosing based on what gives us greatest meaning and satisfaction.

Welcome to My Counseling Office in Hillcrest

I look forward to talking with you about your needs and the services I offer. Recognizing the difficulty of these economic times and private pay, I am glad to discuss a sliding fee if your situation calls for assistance.

Phone: 619-876-2014

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