Jan, 14

Keynote Speaker at 2013 Maui Annual Marriage and Family Therapy Conference

At the invitation of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy–Hawaii:  I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker and presenter at the 2013 Maui Annual MFT Conference.  My address, “Developing the Art of Psychotherapy” focused on the personal work of the therapist to explore and transform the counter-transference material between themselves and …Read More

Nov, 13

Co dependence

We very often assume that co dependency (enmeshment/care-taking) only applies to adult children of alcoholics.  It can happen in any family and does.  In fact, co dependency is perhaps the most common form of individual and family dysfunction.  It is pervasive and yet is very often unrecognized.  Examples of co dependency/ enmeshment include: controlling or …Read More

Apr, 13

Behavioral and Substance Addictions

  My dedicated work in addiction treatment includes ten plus years as clinician, clinical supervisor and director of adult residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs.     With a background in humanistic person-centered psychology I have a fundamental belief that our core nature is directed toward the highest good.  If treated non-judgmentally with empathy …Read More

Mar, 13

Positive Psychology group to begin May-June 2013

An on-going positive psychology group will begin May-June 2013.  The group will meet on Monday from 6:30 to 8:30 for four consecutive weeks and then twice a month thereafter.  The group will be held at my Hillcrest office and limited to eight members. The small group will allow for sharing and support, for video and facilitator presentations …Read More

Oct, 12

Regaining Peace

  Recently I woke up at 3:00am startled from a disturbing dream that left me feeling distressed and anxious.  I recall the statement:  “If it doesn’t feel good it isn’t you.”  That was how I felt—that I had lost myself and felt trapped by fear. To recover, I move to a nearby chair, take deep …Read More

Aug, 12

Meditation Made Easy

I recently came to a valued awareness about my meditation practice.  While I have meditated off and on for the last 30 plus years, getting myself to sit on a regular basis has been a struggle.  Why did it feel so difficult and why was I avoiding a practice that I felt was beneficial to …Read More

Jul, 12

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is an exciting and relatively new branch of psychology that identifies specific practices and behaviors shown to improve overall wellbeing and happiness.   The focus is on the positive, on what creates happiness and wellbeing rather than on the problem or what is not going well.  To improve the quality of our life, we …Read More

Jul, 12


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR is a dynamic and breakthrough therapy for healing trauma, emotional wounds, overcoming limitation, releasing hurt, fear, anger and resentment and finding creative solutions to complex issues. Francine Shapiro, Psychologist, founded EMDR after noticing her stress diminish when her eyes went back and forth. It is a left brain-right …Read More

Jul, 12

Men’s Therapy

Regardless of what life circumstances: married, single, gay, straight or bisexual, males typically experience stress in their role as men. Until recently history, there was little demand for men to develop a capacity for emotional connection. As men, their basic role was to protect and provide for their families by virtue of physical strength, whereas, …Read More

Jul, 12


TREATING DEPRESSION Depression is not about simply "feeling sorry forour-selves," nor is it about "pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps."  When we're depressed critical voices neverhelp.Patience, support andunderstanding on the part of family and friends is critical. Everyone has the potential to suffer from depression — dealing with the root cause(s) is the key to …Read More