Depression is not about simply "feeling sorry forour-selves," nor is it about "pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps."  When we're depressed critical voices neverhelp.Patience, support andunderstanding on the part of family and friends is critical.

Everyone has the potential to suffer from depression — dealing with the root cause(s) is the key to healing.Both men and women struggle with depression althoughmen are often less accepting and more self critical of these struggles.

The symptomsa man experiences can be different from those of a woman.Men tend to experience anger, irritability, anddiscouragement whereas women more commonly feel hopeless and helpless. Men arenot as likely as women to admit to having depression and tend to stuff theirfeelings rather than verbalize them. They may work, gamble, or use alcohol ordrugs to avoid their feelings.Rememberhowever, that these are generalizations and may not be valid for you.

Regardless, for both men and women, depression is a seriousillness that calls for help.Here arecommon symptoms–reviewing them can clarify if you are suffering from thisillness.

Depressed mood, sad unhappy, blue
Loss of interest in ordinary activities or in life
Significant loss or increase in appetite
Unable to sleep or sleeping much more than usual
Slowed or agitated and unable to rest
Loss of energy
Feeling worthless or overly guilty
Unable to concentrate
Thoughts of not wanting to go on

The presence of the following two symptoms generallyindicates depression:

Loss of interest or pleasure in doing things–in ordinaryactivities and life in general and feeling down, depressed or hopeless

If you feel depressed and have been feeling this way for amatter of days or weeks it is recommended that you get help to deal with the underlyingcauses.Positive psychology practices,cognitive therapy and EMDR help create long-term solutions.There are also times when a combination ofmedication and therapy is a recommended course of action.

Feel free to call me to discuss your situation and considerif therapy may be a good direction.

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